Expedition and Indulgence

From AED 950 /Per Person

Discover the perfect harmony of adventure and indulgence with the this collection. Immerse yourself in adrenaline-pumping activities such as jet skiing and desert safaris, then surrender to ultimate relaxation with soothing massages and luxurious dining experiences. This collection offers the best of both worlds, ensuring an expedition filled with excitement and indulgence at every turn.

From AED 950 /Per Person

Choose one gift from these options:

  • Jetski in RAK Double 1 hour

  • Caterham Seven 360 Full Driving Experience (10 mins)

  • Safari Entertainer Exclusive (up to 6pax)

  • KTM Desert Motorbike 3 hours

  • Jet Car Experience 30 mins

  • 17 min Palm Tour

  • Hot Air Balloon Standard

  • Romantic Camping Platinum Pod

  • Dubai Desert Safari Private (up to 5pax)

  • Dolphin Meet and Greet

  • Extended Sunset Cruise and Dine Tour- 3 hour Extended Tour for Two

  • Swedish Massage 60 minutes chocolates and flower

  • Traditional Hammam

  • Desert Buggy Drive (60 mins)

Jet Car Experience in Marine Harbour
30 minutes
Double Jet Ski Experience in RAK
60 minutes Double Jet Ski
Dolphin Meet and Greet
Dolphin Meet and Greet
Caterham Seven 360 Driving Experience in Abu Dhabi
Full Driving Experience
Buggy Drive Dubai
Desert Buggy Drive
KTM Desert Motorbike
3 Hours Desert Motor Bike
Insidious Escape Room Experience
Insidious Experience for 6 people
Dubai Hot Air Balloon
Standard Package
Romantic Camping in Ras Al Khaimah
Platinum Pod with AC



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