Extreme Desert Bike Tour


The Mleiha Extreme Safari / Endurance Ride is a heart-pumping cycling tour for the seasoned rider with amazing archaeological discoveries and stunning nature and wildlife. Explore the vast Mleiha area on a FatBoy bike, specially-designed with extra-wide tires for riding in the desert. Venture out by bike with your guide who will show you an impressive array of archaeological and historical sites, point out where you can climb soft dunes and allow you to get up close to nature, including, birds, reptiles and camels.
  • 30 km guided bike tour in Hard difficulty consisting of short uphill and downhill sections
  • This 2 and a half hour tour route has a ground surface mix of gravel / sand / rocks and dunes
  • A Specialized FatBoy bike / helmet and gloves provided
  • Refreshments like cold energy drinks and meals are provided
  • Quick bike fitting/ handling and awareness introduction
  • Support car on stand by
Need To Know :

This tour route is recommended for seasoned or knowledgeable cyclists. Always wear a helmet and gloves for protection. Do not bike whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do not use mobile phones or personal stereos during the tour. Remove sharp objects from your pockets. Ensure you are in good condition before doing the activity.

Dress Code :
Wear according to the weather preferably combination of sports and trail gear. Protective gear is provided.
Age/Vital Information :
12 years old and above.

Venture deep into the deserts of Sharjah and uncover the secrets of the regions ancient Bedouin culture through intriguing information / exhilarating recreational activities and breath-taking natural landscapes. Discover something unique every time with our ongoing excavation program which ensures there is always a new treasure waiting to be unearthed. This new visitor attraction in the Emirate of Sharjah blends history / nature and culture with exceptional quality and warm hospitality to create a unique leisure experience in a spectacular natural setting. Mleiha is a story that is still being told so come and discover the undiscovered.

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