Dubai Ice Rink


Whether you are keen to become a competitive figure skater, perfect your hockey skills or want to gain confidence on the ice, Dubai Ice Rink is where it all begins.
  • These 105 minute sessions offer anyone and everyone a fantastic opportunity to experience the thrill of ice skating for the first time or to perfect your skills.
  • Improve skills and learn new ones
  • Hang out with friends and make new ones
  • Feel the excitement of testing / competitions and performances
  • Exercise and become fit.
Need To Know :

Booking in advance is recommended due to ticket availability. Once booking is made it is considered as FINAL booking. Do not skate if you are pregnant. Do not carry young children or babies on the ice. Wear gloves and wrap up warm but do not wear scarves, long coats or trailing items the ice. Do not skate whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do not use mobile phones or personal stereos on the ice. Either leave them at home, with a spectator or in a locker. Do not eat food or drink on the ice, or drop litter on the ice. Do not carry or wear bags on the ice as this may affect your balance. Remove sharp objects from your pockets. Ensure your skates are fastened correctly.

Dress Code :
Comfortable warm clothing. We suggest you wear thick socks and gloves. Gloves make it more comfortable, especially for young children. Customers are welcome to bring their own ice skates and protective equipment.
Age/Vital Information :
Open to all ages. Children under 5 years old should be accompanied on the ice by a paying adult.

Dubai Ice Rink has two options. Penguins skate aids designed to help young children to gain confidence with their first steps onto the ice. There are 50 available penguin stability aids for hire. These are hired on a first come, first served basis. It is not possible to book it in advance. We also provide doubled-bladed skates (Bob Skates) providing your child with the sliding sensation whilst having increased stability. Snowman skating aids are designed for kids over 12 years old as well as for adults.

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